Combine Insurance Policies to Save Money

The number of insurance policies needed for your family or business, and the premiums that you pay for them, can seem to take a huge part of your monthly budget.
How can you protect your investments (home, automobiles, business, property, etc.) while saving money?
 Combine policies to Save
Bundle your policies and Save!
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Often you will save when you combine other insurance policies with your home or auto insurance without sacrificing coverage. Insurance companies are more than happy to insure policyholders with multiple policies, they are eager to offer discounts.  Combine auto and home insurance with an umbrella policy. Add an RV policy to your renters insurance.  Combine your insurance coverage’s into a package and notice the discounts.
Some benefits you may notice when you combine insurance policies:

  • Simplicity – Receive a policy folder or e-file with the complete details for all your insurance policies with Taylor-Thomason Insurance Brokers
  • Convenience – Receive a single itemized bill listing all your policies, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Flexibility – Many companies offer billing options like easy electronic payments, reduced installment fees, full payment discounts, and paperless billing.




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