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We are proud to team with property managers like Family Real Estate Service and Park 52 Property Management, as well as homeowner and condo associations. These local companies assist personal and business property buyers, sellers, and renters.

 Request a no-obligation quote for Renter’s Insurance

  • Landlords may suggest renters purchase insurance to protect their assets and personal property.
  • Allow us to review your coverage to be sure you are properly covered.  Occasionally people are over insured and sometimes under insured – proper coverage protects you.

Let us answer your Questions

What you need to know about Renter’s Insurance

  • Coverage is very affordable! Many policies are less than $30 per month.
  • Ask us what is available and what is recommended for your situation.
  • Ask us about the difference between Replacement Value coverage and Actual Cash Value (ACV) policies and the cost for these policies.

As a brokerage, we shop for the best coverage at the best price — don’t settle for the cheapest policy as you might be surprised if there is a loss.

  • Discounts – Often you get a discount if both home/renter’s and auto policies are purchased with the same company.
  • High value items – firearms, camera equipment, jewelry, art, bicycles, etc – you may want separate coverage for these items.
  • Policy limits – know what your coverage limits are and ask about the cost to increase those limits depending on what you own… often the cost for additional coverage is only a few dollars more and may better cover your assets.

Why you should have Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance covers fire damage and theft of your personal property that you keep inside your rental unit.

Whether by burglary, robbery or fire – if you want to be able to replace all of your things, you should never be without renter’s insurance. The cost of renter’s insurance is very minimal compared to what it would cost to replace everything you own. Most people don’t realize the actual cost to replace things until it is too late. We guess that the average person owns between $20,000 and $50,000 in personal belongings – think of all the clothes you own, electronics like TV’s, computers, cameras, and phones, plus every item in your kitchen from dishes to pans and silverware, and all the food items – it adds up very quickly if you have to buy things all at one time.

What About Liability?

  • If someone gets hurt or property is damaged by something caused by you or your family – you might get sued and be responsible for the expenses. Do you have money to pay for these expenses?
  • What if there is an accidental fire – maybe from cooking or a BBQ and it is ruled “accidental” – if you caused the accident you could be liable for the damage caused to the rental unit, neighbor’s belongings, plus any damage to your own things.
  • What if your dog bites or injures someone – do you have insurance to cover these things? Many home owners and landlords require tenants with dogs obtain Renter’s Insurance that will cover pet owner liability – with minimum liability coverage of $300,000 that must list the owner as “additionally insured” on the policy. Without proof of insurance, you may have to get rid of your favorite dog or vacate your home.
  • Maybe you have an aquarium that shatters or your washer overflows and causes water damage to the carpet, floor or wall… who will pay for the damage?

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